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Tayto Café and Restaurant launched with a glamourous event in F11 Islamabad


The Tayto Café and Restaurant was launched with Red Carpet Moments in F 11 at a glamorous Launch Event hosted by Natasha Hussain and managed by Rezz PR and Events.

The F 11 Restaurant first branch out of the three ones in malls was packed with enthusiastic guests trying the mini burgers and smoothies while outside the parking area was cordoned off in style and glamour as the venue for the red carpet photographs where Natty hostess was as chirpy as always with smiles.

Brainchild of very talented Imran Rashid ,The highlight of the Tayto menu is a range of extra large burgers called the Maximus which has the signature Tayto dressing, a juicy meat patty and chopped vegetables. The meat options include freshly grilled beef, crispy fried and grilled chicken and deep fried fish patties. Along with a range of burgers and sandwiches, Tayto boasts an interesting variety of coffees, teas, frozen drinks and smoothies.

Ayesha Javed, a frequent customer of the Tayto other branches in Malls, said: “The food here is tasty. The actual burger buns are encrusted with sesame seeds and no one else has those. The beef and chicken burgers are both delicious and the wraps are amazing. My favourite burger is the Dallas Beef Mushroom.”

Fatima Ahsan, another customer, said: “I had a Beef Maximus Burger at Tayto. It was juicy and the size is big. I have also tried the Tayto sub.”

Maria Hassan said: “So far I’ve tried the strawberry and peach smoothies and the mini beef burgers that are being served.” Murad Khan , a customer of Tayto, said: “The best burgers in Islamabad. The buns are always fresh, the protein (beef, fish or chicken) is juicy, well seasoned and cooked consistently.” Usman Khan, an interior designer, said: “I’m very impressed – it is very nicely done in terms of the colours and decor.”


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