PM Imran Khan wins praise from international community for economic boom

Prime Minister Imran Khan has won full recognition and praise from the international community for taking people out of hardships and making great economic boom in the country.

Despite serious Covid-19 pandemic and various natural disasters, the Pakistani government and people, under the wise leadership of PM Imran Khan, have braved hardships and difficulties and made great achievements for booming economy, which has won full recognition and praise from the international community.

These views were expressed by Cheng Xizhong, visiting Prof. at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, and former Defence Attache in South Asian countries in an article on Monday.

The Chinese scholar noted that The Economist published a normalcy index and for the third consecutive time, Pakistan stood in the top three. The revised Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth reached 5.37% in Financial Year 2021, the second best in the last 14 years. Bloomberg recognized that Pakistan is entering the decade of sustainable growth.

He remarked that earlier, Pakistani economy was a service-based economy with focus on imports, but now Pakistan’s economy is standing firmly on its own feet with a significant rise in exports, especially textiles and Information Technology (IT) services.

Prof. Cheng analyzed that the biggest contribution of PM Imran Khan in power for more than three and half years lies in his unremitting exploration and finally having found a development path suitable for his own national conditions.

Secondly, PM Imran Khan puts the interests of the people above all else, is committed to improving people’s livelihood, which fully embodies the new concept of governing for the people.

Third, he has unswervingly cracked down on corruption and won the heartfelt support of people from all walks of life and the whole country.

He said that in international affairs, especially in upholding regional and global peace and stability and alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Pakistan has been playing a greater role due to the incumbent government’s solid foreign policies. Therefore, Pakistan has regained respect at the international level.

From his performance in office for more than three years, PM Imran Khan is a well-deserved great leader of the Pakistani people, he added.

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