Aijazz Aslam Brilliantly Carries All the Emotions Haseeb Goes Through in Log Kya Kahenge

Drama serial Log Kya Kahenge might only have aired its very first episode, but it was enough to shake our souls and make us go from feeling happy to sad in a matter of moments.

Log Kya Kahenge

We see Aijazz Aslam as Haseeb, a carefree happy and very devoted family man. Haseeb devotes his life to his family and spends on what they want without giving second thoughts to saving anything. His mother continually warns him about overspending than what he can afford, but for Haseeb, it’s his family that matters most and what they request.

As Haseeb is laid off from his job, his struggle with expenses starts, and yet he doesn’t let his family know. Aijazz Aslam, as Haseeb is impressive, the man conveys his feelings through his expressions. In fact, what happens with Haseeb will shake your core, and it’s all thanks to Aijazz Aslam conveying the emotions convincingly that you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seats. You feel his pain when he cries helplessly in front of his wife; you feel Haseeb’s despair when he cannot get his groceries charged; you even feel his pain when he cannot fulfill his daughter’s wish for a holiday.

Aijazz Aslam has played his part as Haseeb well for now. This is a very different character than what Aslam has played before, and like every role he does, Haseeb has brought Aijazz Aslam’s potential as an actor at the forefront. 

Aslam not only conveys Haseeb’s despair convincingly, his helplessness as the character will make you feel his pain immensely. The best part of Haseeb’s character is that it is indeed very close to reality, and with the number of layoffs that have happened in recent times, Aijazz Aslam’s performance resonates with a number of people.

Also, the way Log Kya Kahenge has started off its narrative and with Aijazz Aslam’s character being the focal point, for now, we’re sure the story will develop really well and interestingly.  

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