5 Drinks That Are a Must While Traveling This Summer

Whilst traveling itself is an eye opening and mind freshening experience, it can get hampered due to the changing weather conditions. Be it the blistering summer heat or the cold freezing winters, traveling can become difficult if certain measures to cope with the weather condition are not taken.

In order to help you make the most out of your trip, even if it is during the ongoing heat wave that seems to have enveloped the country, Jovago Pakistan brings to you an article on 5 summer drinks that you should drink in order to travel during the summer season.

  1. Mint Lemonade

Although the typical lemonade remains a favorite among Pakistanis, the modern day lemonade comes with a twist. By adding mint to your lemon drink, you can revitalize your life by getting a burst of the minty freshness. By drinking the mint lemonade, you can keep your body cool even in the rising temperatures.

  1. Sardai

One of the main offerings of the Punjabi culture, Sardai is made from almonds which are left to be soaked in the water overnight. The almonds are blended with milk along with sugar and cardamom to create a fine paste. The drink is served with a garnishing of pistachios. Drink sardai in the summer season to maintain your body temperature.

  1. Sattu

An essential part of the summer cuisine of the city of Lahore, which is considered to be the heart of Pakistan, Sattu is a created by mixing barley seeds, sugar and water together. Although in the summer season street vendors are busy selling Sattu, the drink can also be easily made at home.

  1. Faalsa Juice

Mainly grown in the Asian region, the faalsa are also grown in abundance in Pakistan. The sweet yet tangy flavor of the small berries is simply to die for. Moreover, these berries are extremely helpful in cooling your body during the excruciating summer heat. Blend faasla with ice, water, sugar and kala namak to create a cuppa of deliciousness.

  1. Sugar Cane Juice

Whilst traveling across Pakistan, you will find the street vendors busy in making this refreshing juice. One of the major crops in Pakistan, sugarcane is not only used in making white sugar but also to make the delicious drink which is commonly known as Rooh. Considered to be the national drink of Pakistan, sugarcane juice is extremely beneficial for eyes, kidneys, brain and heart. It

If you have information on any other drink that can help in keeping the human body cool even under the glaring sun, then do share it with us in the comments section below.




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