Top 5 honeymoon destinations in Pakistan

As soon as a couple finalizes their marriage dates, the next thing they look most forward to is the honeymoon. Honeymoon is the period when a husband and wife can de-stress from all the wedding stressors, and develop a one-on-one bond with each other. In the past, the trend was for couples to travel abroad, but why do that when we have such breathtaking locations in Pakistan. The beauty and serenity of Pakistan’s enchanting locations give couples a high ride of romance and passion. Jovago Pakistan has come up with a list of Pakistan’s top honeymoon spots that will make a couple’s honeymoon trip memorable.

Muree is a perfect spot to visit for your honeymoon. It is located in Punjab district, about 8000 feet above sea level. There are gorgeous hill spots, waterfalls and lush green fields and top hotels to stay in Muree, as well as a plethora of things to do. The beautiful mall road has many different shops and restaurants, and is just nice enough for a couple to stroll and enjoy each other’s company. Close to Muree, one could find Patriata, NathiaGali, Ayubia and other touristy destinations where couples can take day trips to keep themselves busy. All these locations are breathtaking, and surrounded by mountains making them romantic destinations – perfect for a honeymoon.

Naran and Kaghan are both beautiful valleys, full of picturesque views. These valleys are famous tourist attractions because of their calm and serenity, which makes them popular honeymoon destinations as well. There are a lot of things to do around the areas as well, such as visit to Lake SaifulMalook, Lalazar, Shogran, Kunhar River and of course a famous trout meal. Couples who come here usually take tours around the area, so they can visit all the scenic destinations at once, while enjoying their romantic honeymoon.

top honeymoon spots

Hunza is possibly one of the most relaxing and attractive places of Pakistan. Hunza is located near Rakaposhi Mountains, 2400 meters above the sea level. Although there is not much to do, the breathtaking views are just so engrossing that it is impossible to get bored. People in this area are very hospitable, and the culture is slightly different from the mainstream culture, which makes it a very interesting place to visit. Additionally, there are also lots of festivals that take place here so if honeymooners go at the right time, they can witness these festivals.

top honeymoon spots

Skardu is located in Gilgit, another awe-striking destination. This gorgeous land is encircled with grey mountains, and a trio of beautiful lakes (upper Kachura Lake, lower Kachura Lake and Sadpara Lake). For couples who enjoy trekking this is an ideal place to visit as Skardu is popular for high altitude trekking, to   Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia.

top honeymoon spots

The amazing and lovely Chitral is located in KyberPhaktunkhwa. Chitral is famous for Kalash Valley and Shandoor. The people of Kalash Valley are very hospitable, but due to the weather it is advisable to visit during the summer time. At Shandoor couples can watch a game of Pakistan’s famous sport, Polo. Chitral have many top and best hotels with really affordable rates for honeymoon couples. Chitral is home to the places such as Chitral fort, palace of Mehtar, Jami mosque which is famous for its architecture.

We hope you plan on visiting one of these places for your honeymoon. is constantly running different promotions and deals, which will also make your honeymoon affordable but alsomemorable!

top honeymoon spots


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