Chinese E-Bike Manufacturer "Yadea" Ventures into Pakistan's EV Market

Chinese E-Bike Manufacturer “Yadea” Ventures into Pakistan’s EV Market

In a major stride towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future for Pakistan, Yadea, a distinguished Chinese e-bike manufacturer, has officially set its wheels in motion with the opening of its first showroom in Lahore. This strategic move is a collaboration with Road Prince, a well-established name in the local automotive industry, marking a significant development for Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

The newly inaugurated flagship store, situated in Johar Town Lahore, witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, the CEO of Road Prince Motorcycles, and Mr. Alex, Yadea’s Regional Business Head. This venture reflects Yadea’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and contributing to the growing interest in electric mobility in Pakistan.

Yadea T5 Model launched in Pakistan

Yadea has introduced its model T5 exclusively for the Pakistani market, with a competitive price tag of Rs 245,000. This makes it the first electric scooter in Pakistan to feature Regenerative Braking, a technology that enhances energy efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electric power during braking.

Prior to this groundbreaking development, Yadea had already announced a partnership with Road Prince, focusing on the local manufacturing and marketing of electric scooters in Pakistan. The synergy between the renowned Chinese e-bike manufacturer and the established local player aims to leverage their respective strengths and tap into the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles.

Yadea Dealerships

The Chinese e-bike giant is not merely content with a single showroom in Lahore; it has set its sights on establishing a robust network of 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts) dealerships across the country. This ambitious expansion plan is expected to bring Yadea’s cutting-edge electric bikes within easy reach of consumers nationwide.

Yadea’s electric bikes in Pakistan

One of the standout features of Yadea’s electric bikes in Pakistan is the comprehensive 24-month warranty that accompanies every purchase. This warranty underlines the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing peace of mind to consumers who are making the transition to electric mobility.

Yadea Group Holdings Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, China, has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the electric two-wheeled vehicles sector. With seven production sites across China, including locations in Wuxi, Tianjin, Cixi, and Qingyuan, Yadea has solidified its reputation as a leader in electric bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters.

The company’s foray into the Pakistani market signifies a growing global trend towards sustainable transportation solutions. Yadea’s presence is set to not only provide Pakistani consumers with state-of-the-art electric bikes but also contribute to the nation’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.

As the proud bearer of the title of the “No.1 sales brand,” Yadea Pakistan is poised to make a lasting impact on the country’s EV landscape. With its pioneering technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Yadea is steering Pakistan towards a cleaner, more sustainable future on two wheels.

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