Bilal Abbas & Sabeena Farooq Shine In First Look of HUM TV’s Upcoming Drama Serial Mann Jogi

HUM TV is set to captivate audiences once again with its upcoming drama serial, Mann Jogi. Starring the exceptionally talented Bilal Abbas Khan and the radiant Sabeena Farooq, this new series promises a compelling narrative and stellar performances. Fans are already buzzing with anticipation following the release of the first look.

Star-Studded Cast

Mann Jogi features an impressive cast lineup:

  • Bilal Abbas Khan: Known for his dynamic acting range, Bilal Abbas returns to the small screen following his success in Ishq Murshid. He is set to mesmerize audiences with another powerful performance.
  • Sabeena Farooq: Making her singing debut in the OST alongside the legendary Sahir Ali Bagga, Sabeena Farooq adds another feather to her cap. Her portrayal of the lead female character is eagerly awaited.
  • Mirza Gohar Rasheed: Playing a pivotal role in the drama, Gohar Rasheed’s character is expected to add depth and intrigue to the storyline.

Behind the Scenes

The drama is directed by the renowned Kashif Nisar, whose previous works have garnered critical acclaim. The script, penned by Zafar Meraj, promises to deliver a narrative that explores love, vulnerability, and harsh truths.

Adding to the excitement is the return of the visionary Sultana Siddiqui as the producer. Known for her keen eye for compelling stories, Siddiqui’s involvement ensures that Mann Jogi will be a production to watch out for.


The original soundtrack of Mann Jogi is a highlight, with Sabeena Farooq making her debut as a singer. Teaming up with the legendary Sahir Ali Bagga, the OST is expected to resonate deeply with the audience, adding an emotional layer to the drama.

First Impressions

The first look of Mann Jogi has left fans eagerly anticipating its release. The teaser showcases the intense chemistry between Bilal Abbas Khan and Sabeena Farooq, hinting at a love story filled with passion and conflict.

Gohar Rasheed’s character, likely an antagonist, adds a layer of complexity to the plot. The teaser has already sparked discussions among drama enthusiasts, with many predicting Mann Jogi to be another blockbuster hit for HUM TV.

Audience Reactions

Fans have expressed their excitement on social media, with many praising the cast and the dramatic visuals presented in the teaser. Comments highlight the anticipation for Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance and the fresh pairing of Khan and Farooq. The addition of Gohar Rasheed as a significant character has further heightened expectations.

As Mann Jogi gears up for its premiere on HUM TV, it promises to be a drama that will captivate audiences with its stellar cast, compelling storyline, and emotional depth. With Sultana Siddiqui at the helm, and the combined talents of Kashif Nisar and Zafar Meraj, Mann Jogi is set to be a must-watch drama this season.

Keep an eye out for its release, and prepare to be enthralled by a tale of love, vulnerability, and the resilience of the human spirit. Mann Jogi is coming soon on HUM TV, and it’s one drama you won’t want to miss!

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