Green Entertainment Launches Trailer of Upcoming Series Kabli Pulao

Kabli Pulao Episode 10: Sabeena Farooq’s remarkable acting

Kabli Pulao continues to captivate with its rich storytelling. The unanticipated meeting between Haji Sahab and Barbeena has evolved into a deeply satisfying connection. What makes their journey truly fascinating is that neither of them fully grasped the extent of their need for each other until they experienced the remarkable synergy of their union firsthand.

Before their encounter, they led separate lives, unaware of the void that the other could fill. However, as destiny brought them together, they embarked on a voyage of self-discovery and shared understanding, gradually unveiling the astonishing magic that their relationship had to offer.

Watch Kabli Pulao Episode 10 here:-

Kabli Pulao Episode 10

Video Credits: Green Entertainment

In this Episode

After viewing the latest episode, we felt compelled to revisit the earlier one where Barbeena shared the intricacies of her love story with Ayesha and her sisters. It became increasingly apparent that, much like many other characters, Baraan is a product of the circumstances that have molded his life. He transcends the conventional role of being merely a third party in a love triangle, emerging as a multifaceted individual similar to Shamim, grappling with the intricacies of love, yearning, and the capricious twists of fate. The parallels between Baraan and Shamim’s characters underscore the storytelling depth in this drama.

Abdullah Farhatullah’s performance in this episode was yet another delightful revelation. He skillfully embodied his character, skillfully conveying Baraan’s intelligence, heartache, and resilience, all within a captivating performance. Witnessing his comeback redefine his acting career is genuinely satisfying.


Portraying Pakhtun culture and its societal values, “Kabli Pulao” tells a compelling story of how choices can shape our lives. The series explores themes of respect, love, and understanding as the characters evolve and navigate their relationships. It serves as a reflection of personal growth and the development of a sense of responsibility.

What unfolds when two contrasting worlds collide? Can Barbeena’s innocent actions thaw Haji Mushtaq’s heart, leading him to experience love for the first time at the age of 40?

Produced by Q & K Production in collaboration with Multiverse Entertainment, the project is the result of the efforts of Qaiser Ali and Imran Raza, with a script penned by the talented Zafar Mairaj and skillfully directed by Kashif Nisar.

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