Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of the last decade

In the past decades, Pakistani dramas have had a major impact on the society. They have managed to bring society to a point where they have been able to bring out social issues, educate as well as entertain in a way that no other media outlet has ever been able to achieve in the past decade. This blog will look at the top 10 Pakistani dramas of the last decade.

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of the last decade

Pakistan is home to some of the best dramas in the world. From political thrillers to heart-wrenching romances, there is something for everyone in Pakistani dramas.

Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Mere Paas Tum Ho: This drama had everyone hooked from the very first episode. The story of love, betrayal, and redemption had us all glued to our screens.

2. Pyar Kay Sadqay: This drama was a roller coaster ride of emotions. The story of a couple who is willing to go through any obstacle for their love was truly inspirational.

3. Cheekh: This was a suspenseful thriller that kept us guessing until the very end. The story of a woman who is fighting for justice against all odds was both inspiring and empowering.

4. Aangan: This period drama was a visual treat. The story of a family struggling to survive in the midst of political turmoil was both heart-wrenching and eye-opening.

5. Suno Chanda: This light-hearted romantic comedy was a breath of fresh air. The story of two people who are constantly bickering but ultimately fall in love was both amusing and enjoyable.

6. Sammi: This drama dealt with the sensitive issue of child marriages. The story of a young girl who is forced into a marriage but ultimately stands up for herself was both inspiring and empowering.

7. Alif: This drama was a spiritual journey. The story of a man who is searching for himself and ultimately finds enlightenment was both thought-provoking and eye-opening.

8. Baaghi: This action-packed drama was a thrill to watch. The story of a woman who is fighting for her life against all odds was both exciting and inspiring.

9. Khaas: This drama dealt with the issue of mental health. The story of a man who is struggling to come to terms with his own mental illness was both moving and eye-opening.

10. Dil Mom Ka Diya: This drama was a heartbreaking story of love and loss. The story of a young couple who are torn apart by tragedy was both tragic and heart-wrenching.


It has been 10 years of Pakistani dramas going to the next level. The Pakistani entertainment industry has come a long way and is still growing at a rapid pace. A decade has passed and there is still much to learn from it. Many dramas which are unforgettable are yet to be discovered by the internet community. The dramas that we never had the chance to watch.

Over the decade, like in every other era, different types of dramas were made, with different themes and production quality. The dramas were made for the entertainment of the people. Most of the dramas that were made were also

A decade of Pakistani drama has seen a lot of rises and falls. And with the trend of streaming TV, Pakistani dramas are going to be stronger and stronger.

Which is your favourite Pakistani drama of the last decade? Write the name in the comments section below.

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