Tinkay Ka Sahara

Tinkay Ka Sahara Last Episode: Lesson of forgiveness

Tinkay Ka Sahara last episode was aired earlier today and all we can say is that the serial taught a very Good lesson of forgiveness, hats off to all actors, director and producer for giving such a great social message to our society.

Although this serial was slow, it had a good message and matched its name. Everyone trying to become everyone’s Sahara/support. Acting was done very well by everyone and the serial showed the emotional struggles amazingly.

Checkout last episode of Tinkay Ka Sahara here:-

Tinkay Ka Sahara Last Episode

Video Credits: HUMTV

Our Verdict

This serial teaches us that if someone commit sin unintentionally and if he realise his mistake then forgive him. If Allah can forgive humans then why not human can forgive humans. Incredible performance by all actors specially Sami Khan and Soniya Hussain


The story revolves around two married couples and their bitter sweet relationship with their partners. The serial portrayed Rabab Hashim in a toxic relationship with Sami Khan despite of all the wealth and luxuries, while Sonya Hussyn and Haroon Shahid livied an ideal married life in limited income.

Produced under the banner of Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, the story raised a few questions “Is money everything that really matters? Not the personality of the person you are marrying?”.


Sonya Hussyn

Sami Khan

Rubab Hashim

Haroon Shahid

Saba Faisal

Ayesha Toor

Adnan Jaffer

Sana Askari

Naveed Raza & Others.

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