Tere Bin Episode 16: A heart melting episode

Tere Bin Episode 16 was aired last night and the Pakistani drama fans can’t stop praising Wahaj for his brilliant performance. Today’s episode was indeed heart melting. The way Wahaj showcased his emotions in this episode is truly applaud worthy.

Best Moments

The way Murtasim was holding her dupatta while fighting, ran and covered her with his shawl was heartwarming.

All in all Murtasim taking care of Meerab after getting her home safely was much heart warming.

Murtasim’s rage to find Meerab and his love for her is so pure and on the other side she also has started to love him now. How he protected her, and had been through hell just to find her was super sweet.

Watch the complete episode here:-

Tere Bin Episode 16

Video Credits: GEOTV

Tere Bin Episode 17 Promo

Video Credits: GEOTV

We predict Tere Bin to be the best drama of this year. The way Wahaj & Yumna as Meerab & Murtasim are performing through their eyes is next level. Alongside maestro Wahaj, Yumna as well is the queen of expressions, this episodes proves that Yumna is versatile, talented, natural, in any role she performs. Both the stars compliment each other.

Storyline of Tere Bin

Meerab is an ambitious and beautiful young girl who wants to pursue higher studies. Her entire world revolves around her parents and she believes in them the most. Her strong and confident personality makes her stand against social injustices around her.

On the contrary, Murtasim hails from a powerful and influential family. He respects and values the morals and traditions of his family and refuses to let the family down. Meerab’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out about her family’s decision regarding her and Murtasim’s life.

Meerab’s hatred towards Murtasim continues to grow as a family secret from the past resurfaces. Coming from different backgrounds and mindsets, Murtasim begins to realize Meerab’s arrogant behaviour towards him and begins to consider her a challenge for himself.

On the other hand, Meerab who is used to living her life on her own terms refuses to accept Murtasim’s family traditions and unnecessary social barriers. Soon their lives go through a series of emotional sufferings and misunderstandings where it becomes difficult for them to coexist.

Despite their hatred towards each other, will Meerab and Murtasim accept their true feelings or will the dynamics of ego and self-respect force them to stay apart?

Cast of Tere Bin

Yumna Zaidi as Meerab
Wahaj Ali as Murtasim
Bushra Ansari as Salma
Sohail Sameer as Anwar
Sabeena Farooq as Haya
Hira Soomro as Maryam
Fazila Qazi as Aneela
Farhan Ally Agha as Waqas
Seemi Pasha as Sabra
Mahmood Aslam as Malik Mukhtaar
Haris Waheed
Agha Mustafa

What was your favorite moment from Episode 16 of Tere Bin? Share in the comments section below.

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