Making Pakistan proud: The incredible team NUST who manufactured the first Formula Electric Vehicle of Pakistan

Team Formula Electric Racing – NUST was formed back in 2014 by an aspiring group of students who dreamt of bringing about an Electric Vehicle culture to Pakistan, which, at that time seemed like an impossible feat to accomplish. However, with hard work and perseverance the group of students managed to manufacture the first Formula Electric Vehicle of Pakistan.

The aim of the team is to test its Engineering knowledge and represent Pakistan on an international platform. Furthermore, the team also aims at raising awareness about the dangers of fuel driven vehicles in contributing to the intense damage of the environment.

The team participates in international competitions, mainly Formula Student competitions lead by the esteemed IMechE, in which Formula Student teams from all around the world compete with their manufactured Formula Student Vehicles. Team Formula Electric Racing – NUST has a history of achieving milestones in these events.

In 2016, the team participated in the Formula SAE Electric US, becoming the first Pakistani Formula Student team to raise the green flag on the American soil. Despite countless odds, the team managed to be the 4th most cost-effective team at the competition out of a total 120+ teams from around the globe.

Fast forward two years, in 2018 the team participated in IMechE Formula Student UK held at Silverstone, Northampton shire as the only Electric vehicle from Pakistan and out of a total 100+ registered teams, the team managed to achieve 9th position in the Electric Vehicle category.

In 2020, the team was all set to participate in the IMechE Formula Student UK 2020 event with a running vehicle, however, the pandemic struck, and the event was shifted to a Virtual Event. The team, amid the difficulties, managed to do really well. It secured 4th position in the Business event, 10th position in the Cost and Manufacturing event and an overall 21st position out of 65+ teams.

This year the team took part in FSUK 2021 which was a virtual event as well due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions that came along with it. Furthermore, due to the 2nd and 3rd waves of covid-19 which lead to closure of the educational institutes hindered the teams working pace and created a wide communication gap between the members of the team, however, despite these and several other setbacks the team’s morale did not falter.

Abiding by prevention measures the team still worked relentlessly day and night to produce the best possible iteration of their electric vehicle.

The team achieved a milestone by securing 18th position out of a total of 65 teams from all over the globe, many of whom are several decades old. The teams achieved 3rd position in the Engineering Design Event which consisted of multiple presentations based on vehicle dynamics, design decisions and team management. Furthermore, the Cost Event turned out to be fruitful for the team as well, with the team securing 20th position out of a total of 110 teams participating in it.

Currently, the team is researching on several In-house components which the team plans to integrate in the next vehicle iterations.

Truly, making Pakistan proud, we wish this incredible team all the best in their upcoming endeavours.

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