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Sneak preview of HUM’s new soap ”Ishq Benaam”


The story of HUM’s newest soap Ishq Benaam highlights the lifestyles of two very different classes of our society. Ishq Benaam deals with the plight and hardships faced by the underprivileged, and the lack of respect for relations by the privileged. The story unfolds in an impoverished household where Naheed’s struggle and fight with her poverty seem to grow with each passing day. Her daughters Khushbu and Areeba are of age and their only brother is handicapped, unable to support the family. The family’s sufferings grow worse when Naheed Begum’s elder daughter Khushbu gets divorced before even leaving the marriage lawn. Areeba, who considers poverty to be their biggest enemy, decides to step out of the house in search of a better future. In an interesting turn of events Areeba fulfills all her wishes and dreams but somewhere along the road loses not only her loved ones but her family as well.

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What were the circumstances that led to Khushbu’s divorce?

How did Areeba earn the fortune and what were the decisions that led to her isolation from all her ties?

To find out, watch Ishq Benaam only on HUM.

Written by:         Adam Azeem

Directed by:       Saifi Hasan

Produced by:     MD Productions, Samina Humayun and Tariq Shah

Cast:                      Shamil Khan, Mariyam Nafees, Komal Aziz Khan, Khalid Malik and Kiran Tabeer

Date & Times:    Every Monday at 7:30 pm


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