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SeaGold Private Limited: Achieving New Milestones In Pakistani Logistics Industry

[Pakistan, Tuesday 20th October 2015]: SeaGold Private Limited, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, has been actively working to push the boundaries within the local logistics industry making them one of the leading logistics providers of Pakistan.

SeaGold Private Limited (1)

Ever since being established in 2000, SeaGold Private Limited has steadily worked its way to the top, which is evident from the fact that they are the only company in Pakistan providing a complete set of logistics services under their own umbrella, not outsourcing anything. The company currently owns various containers and trucks, including 20dv, 40dv, 40reefers and 40flat racks, to provide the best possible logistics solutions and cater to a wider clientele. They also own ISO tanks which are operated within the region.

SeaGold Private Limited [3]

SeaGold Private Limited [2] (1)

SeaGold Private Limited has Tier 1 rates from Pakistan to USA on all major carriers such as Maersk/Safmarine, Msc, Hapag Loyd, OOCL, Evergreen etc., and also moves over 450 teus a week from Pakistan to the USA and over 450 tons of air freight per month in to the USA.

Ayaz Admani

Speaking about the company’s achievements so far and future plans, CEO Ayaz Admani states, “We are quite satisfied with the company’s growth and we are focused on development in the Europe/UK trade as well as the African sector.
We will also be ready with a 100,000sq ft warehouse for dry temperature controllee storage coupled with a distribution channel within Karachi to start with and further to be enhanced to other cities of Pakistan”.


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