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Review of Arslan Asif’s latest song “Aaj Kal”


We know the songs that fit the norm, and the ones that question them. Arslan Asif’s latest song, ‘Aaj Kal’ released on Valentine’s Day was a tribute to all the lovers out there. The video was inspired by the devine act of 3rd Century priest Saint Valentine, who protected the sacred bond of marriages against the directive of Emperor Claudius II was later caught and locked up.

Arslan Asif is a vocalist, guitarist song writer and music producer, started his career with an underground band, performing as a lead vocalist in Islamabad. He emerged as a solo singer and His greatest joy is in performing live before audience. Arslan’s debut solo “Aaj Kal” is ever so lovely, beautiful and divine as the title describes and watching it often one feels preoccupied with grandiose and touchy gestures of love that a person gets so much involved in it while noticing the little details depicted in the video. The video is heart wrenching story, where two lovers were torn apart by the cruel laws of that time and the priest was imprisoned for binding two souls in a special bond. A girl dies which leaves her lover in immense pain.

He has been working more on motivational music and songs based on socio political issues, including his upcoming song “Apnay Karam”. His voice has great volume and richness in his tone and often pushed his voice beyond its bounds. Before this, Arslan sang many songs and mostly the issues in the social fabric of our society are depicted in his songs. He is an emerging talent in music industry of Pakistan. A socially active performer, he is looking forward for to a live performance in Karachi & Lahore. We wish him all the best for his future projects.



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  1. I love Arsalan Asif all songs, beautiful so cute.

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