Coke Studio Season 14 releases Muaziz Saarif featuring sibling duo of Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi

Coke Studio brings together the sibling duo of Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi with Muaziz Saarif, the ninth song from Season 14.

Muaziz Saarif featuring sibling duo of Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi

Video Credits: Coke Studio

It was the artistic pairing in Muaziz Saarif that first came to Xulfi; the idea of a hybrid genre of music flowing naturally from it. To create this unusual track, he enlisted Associate Music Producers ActionZain and Abdullah Siddiqui to uplevel their great working relationships with artists Faris Shafi and Meesha Shafi. The talent mixes into a provocative track with thorns under its pop sheen.

Here two worlds meet under Coke Studio’s roof: the sensitive prankster and the high-fashion wildcat. Faris and Meesha let loose in a dramatic home, with each Harris Khatri-designed room lusher than the one before. The siblings speak their truths unapologetically, letting Video Director Kamal Khan amplify the realness by matching the song’s easy flow with a one-take video. 

ActionZain and Abdullah’s soundscape has the energy of a storm gathering. In Muaziz Saarif, they stitch their styles together in a precise patchwork, switching tempos to mirror different moods. ActionZain’s clean, brittle drums are offset by a tabla, mimicking Faris’ rat-a-tat delivery. Abdullah’s orchestral touches let Meesha’s voice spin and fly. The Producers also include real elements of the performers’ personalities, making the song personal. The “helloosample is a Faris battle cry. Meesha’s natural ability to swap between soaring notes and scorching Punjabi rhymes is used to the max. The performers also use wordplay true to their individual styles: Faris takes his shots nonchalantly; Meesha attacks head on.

Muaziz Saarif is a gloves-off sucker punch to the haters. The siblings claim their journeys fiercely and stylishly. Abdullah recalls “It’s one of those tracks that when we were jamming everyone was jumping – it’s just so big and catchy, just great pop energy.” The song’s elements harmonize to take the performances to another level. “It’s got their je ne sais quoi,” agrees ActionZain “it’s calling the listener to hear something unfamiliar.” That would be the sound of winning. Jelly, bro?

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