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Razia Episode 4: Razia Tops In Her Exams

Express TV’s mini-series, “Razia,” has now reached its fourth episode, and it continues to captivate with its unique play-within-a-play concept. While the idea isn’t entirely new, the execution and treatment of the narrative set it apart. Mahira Khan shines as the bold narrator, challenging the audience’s conscience. In the previous episode, Razia sought help from Manno, and in this installment, we discover her request – assistance in pursuing further studies.

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Razia Episode 4

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In this episode of Razia

Razia’s call to Manno initially left us speculating whether she intended to elope, but it turns out she hasn’t done anything wrong. Instead, she seeks his help to gain admission for intermediate exams. Manno steps up to assist her, going the extra mile by using their shared childhood experiences as references when she needs financial support. One might wonder why Razia doesn’t require her father’s signature on the forms, especially considering she successfully completes her first year without her family suspecting her educational pursuits – it’s quite a stretch.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Razia not only passes her intermediate exams but also secures the top position. Manno, who played a crucial role in empowering Razia, belongs to a minority community and harbors feelings for her childhood friend. The play seems to address multiple complex issues simultaneously, and the possibility of a successful love story for Manno, being Hindu, appears slim. Sadly, Manno’s love story ends before it can even begin, as Razia’s brother catches him with her.

Razia finds herself in dire straits, with her brother turning the situation into a matter of family honor, and her father is prepared to take drastic measures. Fortunately, a reporter’s timely intervention saves Razia, shedding light on her father’s hypocrisy. In front of the camera and on record, he advocates for girls’ education and equal rights, but his actions reveal a different reality. This mirrors the dual-faced nature of our society.

Despite their anger, Razia’s brother and father are determined to get rid of her. Her brother’s concern is that her education will lead to demands for an equal share of the family property. The mention of the Aurat March highlights how her father is repulsed by their narrative. The series also delves into the Marvi and Khalil dynamic, representing the clash between feminism and menism. Razia’s brother, after suggesting various sinister ideas, ultimately proposes a gas leak in the kitchen.

The tension escalates as Razia is on the verge of lighting a matchstick, but a fortunate gas load shedding incident saves her life, narrowly preventing the murder attempt. It leaves us wondering how Razia will evade danger next time. The series continues to deliver powerful and brave storytelling, shedding light on complex societal issues.

“Razia” is a compelling journey through the dual faces of our society, forcing viewers to confront uncomfortable truths and the challenges faced by those who dare to defy societal norms.

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