Ramadan 2024: First Roza Likely on March 12 in Pakistan

The air is charged with anticipation as the global Muslim community prepares for the sacred month of Ramadan in 2024. The observance of the holy month is intricately tied to the sighting of the crescent moon, and it is expected that the first Roza (fast) will likely be observed on March 12 (Tuesday) in Pakistan.

As the Islamic world gears up for the arrival of Ramadan, meticulous calculations and preparations are underway. The moon for the month of Ramadan is slated to be born on March 10, but it won’t be visible at that time. The naked eye may catch a glimpse of the crescent on March 11, paving the way for the first Taraweeh prayers on the night of March 11. There is a high probability, estimated at 95%, that the first fast will commence on March 12.

The official announcement of the Ramadan crescent sighting will be made by the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee after scrutinizing moon sighting reports from various regions across the country. The collective excitement is palpable as communities eagerly await the confirmation of the commencement of Ramadan.

Islamic countries around the world are also actively preparing to observe the crescent moon for Ramadan on March 10. The International Astronomical Center highlighted that the central conjunction is scheduled for 9 am GMT on that day, with the moon expected to set after sunset across most Islamic regions. Many countries are anticipated to mark the beginning of Ramadan on March 11.

Renowned scholars, astronomical observatories such as SAAO, and researchers concur that the crescent moon won’t be visible on March 10 across the Arab and Islamic world, whether observed with the naked eye or through a telescope. According to scientific criteria for crescent visibility, the likelihood of sighting the crescent on March 10 appears slim.

As the anticipation builds and preparations intensify, Muslims worldwide look forward to the official announcement that will mark the beginning of Ramadan 2024, a month of spiritual reflection, fasting, and communal prayers.

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