Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Petrol prices In Pakistan to remain unchanged Until November 15th 2023

In a recent decision, the caretaker government has announced that it will retain the prices of petrol and High-Speed Diesel (HSD) until November 15. This move is aimed at providing stability in fuel costs for the next fortnight.

According to an official notification from the Ministry of Finance, the price of petrol will remain at Rs283.38 per liter, while the cost of HSD will also remain unchanged at Rs303.18 per liter during this period. This decision aims to provide relief to consumers who rely on these essential fuels for their daily transportation and energy needs.

However, there is some positive news for consumers as well. The caretaker government has reduced the prices of light diesel and kerosene oil for the next two weeks. Light diesel oil prices have been decreased by Rs3.40 per liter, bringing the new rate to Rs189.46 per liter. Kerosene oil prices have seen a reduction of Rs3.82 per liter, resulting in a new price of Rs211.03 per liter. This price reduction in these essential fuels will offer some respite to those who depend on them for various purposes.

To provide further relief to the public, the interim government has decided not to impose any general sales tax (GST) on petroleum products. Additionally, the petroleum levy (PL) on petrol remains at Rs60 per liter. These measures are expected to ease the financial burden on consumers and make these essential fuels more accessible to the general public.

It’s important to note that this decision comes shortly after the federal cabinet approved a significant increase in natural gas tariffs. The increase, which affects domestic consumers, tandoors, general industries, export-oriented sectors, captive power plants, CNG stations, and independent power producers (IPPs), has raised concerns among various sectors. The government’s move to keep fuel prices stable may help offset some of the impacts of this tariff hike.

As we move forward, it will be essential to monitor how these decisions impact the daily lives and expenses of the general public and various industries. The caretaker government’s commitment to providing stability in fuel prices and relief through reduced rates for certain petroleum products is a significant step to address the economic challenges faced by the people of the country.

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