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Vital Signs, Junoon and Shoaib Mansoor unite for “Chand Sitara”

Yes we heard it right, the legends are back .. Vital Signs, Junoon and Shoaib Mansoor unite for “Chand Sitara”. This is a step towards unification of Pakistan because of which the members of Vital Signs (Junaid Jamshed), Junoon (Salman Ahmed) and Shoaib Mansoo get united.

This Behind-The-Scenes is to let everyone have a look into the story that’s behind this song.

The story of “Chand Sitara” reflects the brighter days of yesterday, the struggles of today and the promise of a better tomorrow through unity and courage. Lets bring those peaceful, progressive times back…When the songs had a meaning, when our sportsmen were the champions, when a road led to a destination. Those times are not far, only if we decide to contribute individually however we can!
We haven’t accomplished merely as much as a nation, but we have endured more than our fair share. Lets change that. NOW is the time to rise above!

This is for our generation, the next ones to come and this documentary is specially dedicated to the innocent children of Peshawar incident. We will remember you and you will not be forgotten.
Unite & Spread the word. Says the team behind ‘Chand Sitara’.

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