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New song Inky Pinky Ponky from The Donkey King is here


Geo Films & Talisman Animation Studios have officially released the new song “Inky Pinky Ponky” of their upcoming animated movie “The Donkey King” on October 3rd, 2018.

A film by Aziz Jindani, the architect of the success of Pakistan’s first and most popular animated super hero series for a leading antibacterial soap brand, The Donkey King promises to be a fun film for all ages.

The stage is set, the lights turned on, the energy of the crowd is visible, as Jan Mangu and Shahzada take their places for a musical battle in Inky Pinky Ponky song.

The 1 min 54 sec song is catchy from the very beginning and comes across as a fiery contest between Jan Mangu and Shahzada. The playful nature of The Donkey King is beautifully reflected in Asrar’s voice, who is a combination of rustic, playful and dramatic vocals that pierce through instantaneously. The Lyrics and composition is also by the musical maestro Asrar, while he directed the music in collaboration with Majid Raza.

The music of The Donkey King is another well designed facet which makes this the first animated movie where no stones have been left unturned to make this a joyful ride for all ages. A couple of digs on the recent political situation are hard to miss in the song but the fun of this song lies in the fact that it never once moves away from the lively tone. The mischievous rivalry between Jan Mangu and Sher Shahzada opens up a little more and takes the audience through a humorous ride, which gives some more insight about Jan Mangu’s life and aspirations. The video promises some action packed scenes in the movie as Mangu and Shahzada battle it out on the stage! This song is a wonderful mix of the classic and the new, knitted in a delightful melody which sure makes it the song you’ll be humming all day!


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