Behroze Sabzvari Reminiscing About Old Times on Iftar Mulaqaat with Hina Bayat

Behroze Sabzvari is a versatile actor, a legend who’s been associated with the television industry for almost half a century. He is one of the most successful actors of Pakistan and he’s received various awards and accolades nationally and internationally. Perhaps no other role Bahroze had done will ever beat the way his fans remember him by his character “Qabacha”.

For the 17th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, hosted by Hina Bayat, the guest of honor was Bahroze Sabzvari. The actor is a legend and he’s seen the media industry grow exponentially since he started off.

Hina Bayat and Bahroze had a reflective conversation during which he reminisced about his previous roles, comedy in the industry, his family and old friends.

Har khandaan mein, har daftar mein, har jaga ek Qabacha zaroor hota hai.

Iss liye log mujhey bhool nahi patay

In every family, every workplace, You will find one Qabacha.

The reason people remember me

When we asked his views about the kind of roles he did and what he thinks about comedy, he briefed that although things have changed in time. Comedy is something he’s always taken seriously!

Comedy boht serious kaam hai

He mused that the best comedians of all timer were Moin Akhtar and Omer Sharif because they worked hard to get to the place where their names are the first to pop-up to our minds when we hear the word ‘comedy’.

There’s more where this came from! Tune in to Geo Kahani daily at 6pm in Iftar Mulaqaat, where your favorite legends karen baaten mazey ki.

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