Netflix Trends in Pakistan To Zest Quarantine!

Looks like Pakistan is never out of fashion and trends. Also, Netflix is one of the favorite apps of all ages here. In this quarantine, look for the top Netflix trends in Pakistan to watch. Despite any genre, you will certainly find one of your tastes. Pakistan is trending with tremendous trends and Netflix is flooded with worth-watching TV series, movies, and reality shows.

Top Netflix Trends In Pakistan:

Following are the top 10 Netflix Trends in Pakistan, have a look at them!

1. Money Heist:

Who does not know about Money Heist? One of the best Netflix trends in Pakistan. However, it is worth watching. The Money Heist falls under the genre(s) Crime film, Heist, Thriller, and Telenovela. The first episode of the series got aired in 2017. Admittedly, it deserves to be at the Netflix trends in Pakistan not necessarily at this time but in general too. Spanish is its origin language. The series has 2 seasons with 4 parts. Each of them had 6 to 9 episodes. The one-liner of Money Heist is “to print billions of Euro of Royal Mint of Spain, a criminal mastermind The Professor has to come up with a plan for the biggest heist in recorded history”

2. Too Hot To Handle:

The “Too Hot To Handle” is a reality TV dating game show. And it is at the second in the list of Netflix trends in Pakistan these days. In addition, it is not a regular dating game show. It has 1 season with a total of 8 episodes. It’s first released was on April 17th, 2020. Unlike, every other dating game show it is with a twist. In this case, the host “Lana” will give the rules to the contestants and will teach them how to make connections. Despite using regular flings such as one-night-stand. The rule of the show is if any of the contestants may find involved in sexual activity, it will result in a decrease in award prize which is starting at $100,000.

3. Hasmukh:

If you are the one who loves watching a dark comedy or crime then Hasmukh must be your choice. Looks like Pakistanis adore dark comedy and crime as “Hasmukh” ranks 3rd on Netflix trends in Pakistan. The story is about a small town comedian who is, in reality, a serial killer. The first episode aired on April 17th, 2020. Vir Das as Hasmukh is the leading character of the series. Along with, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Inaamulhaq, and Manoj Pahwa to name a few.

4. Resurrection Ertugrul:

Without a doubt, it should fall into the list of Netflix trends in Pakistan as it is jaw-dropping. It has a total of 5 seasons. Along with its original release in 2014. It falls under the genre(s) of Historical fiction, Adventure, and TV Dramas. Its origin language is Turkish. The story revolves around the story of Muslim Oghuz Turks and their history of the 13th century. Also, the character Ertugrul is a lead and the story revolves around his life.

5. Fast & Furious 7:

Just like any big hit Fast & Furious 7 took the hearts globally, as it ranks 5th on the Netflix trends in Pakistan, isn’t that amazing? It is an American action and thrill movie. It hit the screen in 2015. Likewise, of its previous parts, Furious 7 is a cunningly and incredibly action movie. The movie starring leading actors of Hollywood such as Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson to name a few.

Two leading actors of Furious 7.

6. Elite:

Among all on Netflix trends in Pakistan, Elite trends at 6! Elite is a Spanish TV drama. The genre(s) of it is Thriller and Teen drama. The series has a total of 3 seasons. The plot of the series revolves around the three working-class teenage students who are enrolled in the fictional elite secondary school. Also, their wealthy classmates help them to get into a fictional elite secondary school. The series gets an immense high positive reaction from critics and audiences. Despite many diverse sex scenes, it got appreciations and some say it is”guilty pleasure”.

7. Friends:

A sitcom American TV series. It has to be on Netflix trends in Pakistan without any doubt. It’s opening-theme “I’ll be there for you” is on the fingertips of every audience who follows Friends since 1994. Also, it has a total of 10 seasons with 236 episodes. Its final season came on-screen in 2004. Moreover, Warner Bros.Television Distribution is its original distributor. Indeed, the series is pretty famous among people of every age.

8. Miracle in Cell No. 7:

The initial release of it was in 2013. The number 8th among Netflix trends in Pakistan is a South Korean comedy-drama film. the famous South Korean Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, and Park Shin-hye are the leads of this movie. The total run-time is 127 minutes. Briefly, the story is about a man who is mentally challenged and was in a prison under a false sentence of murder. Also, the story shows how a mentally challenged person makes friends and how his daughter smuggled to prison. In addition, Miracle in Cell No. 7 won a total of 12 awards.

9. Ozark:

One of the best Netflix trends in Pakistan to watch is Ozark. It is an American crime drama, which will lead you to nail-biting. The plot is following a married couple who were forced to move to Ozark. Apart from this, it followed a money laundering case, which went wrong. It has 3 seasons and the one came on screens in 2017.

The leading character of Ozark. The best among Netflix trends in Pakistan.

10. Breaking Bad:

Indeed, the greatest television series of all time has to have on the best Netflix trends in Pakistan to watch. It is an American neo-Western crime drama television series. It hosts a total of 5 seasons out of which first aired in 2008. In short, it is worth watching.

Altogether, do you still wish to watch some else? Maybe something unapologetically flawless? Try Devika Bhagat’s Four More Shoes Please! She featured 4 cunning and beautiful ladies in it! Enjoy the best in quarantine.

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