First look of Wahaj Ali & Ayeza Khan starrer drama serial ''Mein''

Mein Episode 13: Zaid continues to ignore Mubashira

With 13 episodes under its belt, ARY Digital’s drama serial “Mein” continues to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline. The show revolves around Mubashira Jaffar, portrayed by the talented Ayeza Khan, and her ongoing battle with anger management issues. While Ayeza Khan’s portrayal has been commendable, viewers are eager to see more of Wahaj Ali on the screen.

In the previous episode, Mubashira’s anger reached its peak when she literally threw Kashmala out of her house. However, in this latest installment, Kashmala decides to stand up for herself, showcasing her newfound strength and determination.

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Mein Episode 13

Video Credits: ARY Digital
Video Credits: ARY Digital

Relationship Turmoil

Zaid, Mubashira’s husband, continues to ignore her, even in the face of his sister’s tears and pleas for a compromise. He makes it clear to Kashmala that he won’t become a scapegoat in their issues. To make matters more complicated, Zaid’s recent behavior raises questions about his perception of his father. If he believes his father has wronged him, why hasn’t he reached out to Aira?

Kashmala’s Strength

Kashmala, realizing that the relationship is on the brink of collapse, gathers the courage to confront her father. She questions why they are silently enduring the situation when their family’s net worth exceeds the Jaffar’s. Kashmala asserts that Mubashira and Rayyan should apologize for their behavior, and only then will she consider returning.

Growing Threats

Aira and her family continue to face threats from Asif, who is determined to disrupt their lives. He sends a goon into their house, claiming that he intends to marry Aira. The relentless harassment prompts Aira and her family to consider leaving the city for their safety, as they fear the consequences.

Mubashira’s Unraveling

Mubashira’s erratic behavior takes a toll on her life. At a party where Zaid is enjoying his time with his alleged girlfriend, Mubashira’s outburst becomes the talk of the town. Even her father and brother are fed up with her antics. Her anger towards her driver highlights the fragility of her mental state. Mohib, her ex-husband, seizes the opportunity to capture this scene on video and make it go viral. The question that remains is whether Mubashira can overcome her wild madness and salvage her marriage.

As “Mein” continues to delve into complex emotions and intricate relationships, it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The rollercoaster of emotions, the brewing family drama, and the characters’ evolving dynamics all contribute to the show’s appeal. As the series progresses, the audience eagerly awaits to see if Mubashira can find a way to control her anger and salvage her marriage.

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