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Meera Jee reveals 365 days actor Michele Morrone Wanted To Date Her

Meera Jee strikes again in a recent interview and stunned the country with her cute yet innocent statement. She has acknowledged that numerous people, mostly from Hollywood, have expressed interest in dating her over the years. Meera Jee took Michele Morrone’s name when she was asked to mention a few names. She disclosed that the star had messaged her directly on Instagram to express his desire to date her.

Lollywood actress Meera Jee once again managed to make headlines with her unusual claim in a recent interview. She claimed that the 365 Days actor, Italian Michele Morrone, slid into her DMs on Instagram and ask her out on a date.

For those who are unaware, Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, model, and singer who became well-known for his Netflix film 365 Days. The movie, which has an 18+ rating, spent many days at the top of the Netflix charts in Pakistan. Morrone, became a worldwide sensation soon after the release of 365 days.

Meera Jee’s Latest Interview

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