Mannat Murad Episode 11 Review: Mannat and Murad’s love story takes exciting new turn

Geo Entertainment’s gripping drama series, “Mannat Murad,” has been gaining momentum as it continues to air twice a week. The show’s intriguing plot, coupled with the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Iqra Aziz and Talha, is keeping viewers hooked. In this latest installment of the series, Mannat and Murad are taking their relationship to the next level, setting the stage for their future engagement.

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Mannat Murad Episode 11

Video Credits: GEOTV
Video Credits: GEOTV

In this Episode of Mannat Murad

Mannat and her sister-in-law craftily lay the foundation for Murad’s proposal right in front of their formidable Baray Bhaiya. To everyone’s surprise, even Baray Bhaiya agrees to visit Murad’s house. Mannat, however, puts on a dramatic act, feigning dissatisfaction with the proposal when Baray Bhaiya hesitates. She manages to smooth things over skillfully with her sister-in-law, leading to Baray Bhaiya and their family visiting Murad’s home.

Murad is over the moon with excitement, as evident from his joyful dance moves. Yet, he adopts a façade of indifference in front of his mother. This reverse psychology tactic plays out well for Mannat and Murad, as Baray Bhaiya takes it upon himself to formally arrange Mannat and Murad’s engagement. Murad’s mother, however, remains somewhat enigmatic, occasionally expressing doubts about her son’s happiness.

Mannat and Murad’s bond deepens as they spend time together, including a shopping trip to the mall. Their relationship doesn’t go unnoticed, as Faisal, Murad’s colleague, spots them together. While there are suspicions about Faisal’s relationship with his female boss, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy. On the other hand, Itrat’s decision to lend money to Shoukat raises concerns about potential discord in her happy marriage.

Baray Bhaiya suggests that Mannat wears her late mother’s bridal attire on her wedding day, a request she readily accepts. Murad’s mother also contributes to this sentimental gesture by offering Mannat her own vintage wedding clothes. However, Murad’s older sister’s bitter attitude towards her younger brother becomes increasingly apparent. Her obsession with Murad’s personal life is becoming tiresome, and viewers are left hoping she’ll find her own happiness, perhaps with Baray Bhaiya.

Murad becomes distressed over his sister’s constant interference and attempts to please everyone. A wise colleague advises him that he will need to put in extra effort to make Mannat happy, given her position as the sister of four brothers. However, it’s important to note that not everyone agrees with the notion that it’s solely a man’s responsibility to ensure everyone’s happiness. Happiness should be a shared responsibility, with each individual accountable for their own well-being.

In this latest episode of “Mannat Murad,” the plot thickens as relationships evolve, tensions rise, and the story of Mannat and Murad’s love story takes exciting new turns. The characters’ complexities add depth to the narrative, making for a captivating and thought-provoking drama series that keeps its audience eagerly awaiting what comes next.

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