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Lifebuoy promotes Girl Child Education through its Campaign “Mazboot Banegi Meri Beti Parhegi”


Training is vital to development, maintainability and a venturing stepping stool toward the street to progress and strengthening, which is an essential human right and not a luxury limited to the male gender. Lifebuoy’s ongoing effort #MazbootBanegiMeriBetiParhegi is a notable initiative taken in overcoming the hindrances and featuring the significance of “Girl Child Education” and how it can enable young girls to develop into effective young ladies.

A shocking figure of 12 Million is the number of girls in Pakistan who are out of school right now and the common proficiency rate is at 36%. Furthermore, 21% of our young girls are hitched before the age of 18 years which in itself is a great barrier.

The campaign features issues like, close minded mentality of guardians, getting girls married off at an early age, boys given inclination over young girls as one of the main reasons why girls of Pakistan are denied of the essential right to education. In addition, the communication also exhibits how parents, particularly the mother, plays a significant part in being the hero for her little girl’s more grounded future by giving her the endowment of training.

While the concentration is to spread mindfulness about the significance of girl child education all through Pakistan, the brand likewise tries to make a self-managing stage in collaboration with different associations to empower more girls to go to school.

Let’s join hands with Lifebuoy Shampoo and promote “Girl Child Education” so that we can help our girls become strong, independent women.

A quick insight of how mothers support and want their daughters to get an education which will help them in being confident young girls who will excel and make their dreams come to reality.

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