Pakistani Road Snacks

Here is a sneak preview of famous Pakistani Road Snacks :-

Samosas are a triangular fried pastry, stuffed with spiced potatoes, minced meat and vegetables. They are served with either mint sauce or, green chili chutney.


Nimco outlets are located nationwide, and their products are sold throughout Pakistan. Offering their customers with portable savory snacks that perfectly embody classic Pakistani flavors.

Pakoras are fried fritters, consisting of vegetables or meat coated with chickpea batter. They are enjoyed with a tamarind chutney or ketchup.

Bun Kebab
The Bun Kebab is a burger, with a seasoned patty and a bread bun. The patty can be made from potatoes, chicken or beef. It is dipped into an egg batter or served with an omelette, and flavored with ground spices, lentils and cumin.

Chaat is a staple savory snack, and comes in many forms. A Pakistani favourite is the Bhala Papri chaat that is served with tamarind chutney and yoghurt.

To create the perfect Jalebi, deep-fry flour in a pretzel like shape and soak it in sugar syrup. This delicacy is the best when served warm.

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