Kashmir the Band’s “Parwana Hun” is A Thought-Provoking New Track

Formed in 2012, Kashmir the band rose to fame after winning Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2017 with a power-packed performance of their original song Parwana Hun. Much to the fan’s surprise, the rock band from Karachi, has returned with an original music video of the soulful song in collaboration with Pepsi Pakistan and we must say the band has produced a once in a lifetime kind of music video for a lyrically redolent track, reminding us of the catchy tune we heard on the grand finale.

Watch Parwana Hun By Kashmir The Band

Video Credits: Pepsi Battle of the Bands

With meaningful lyrics, Parwana Hun is an impactful and motivational song, encouraging individuals holding themselves behind to let go of their fears and dare to take the bold steps they had always wished to. The essence of the song has been very intellectually captured in the music video, brilliantly directed by Ashar Khalid who deserves a round of applause for bringing out something very unique to the music arena.

Featuring the entire band in their usual chill-out style and energetic stage presence, the video has been mainly set up in the Paleolithic age, when men used to live in caves while drawing a strong comparison with modern men.

A group of uncivilized people is shown living happily in a cave unaware of the world outside and making the most of their means in the cave. Their desire to step outside the cave has been crushed under various fears but one of them finally dares to step out, fighting vehemently with his fears and he eventually succeeds in his endeavor. His struggle ultimately takes him far from the darkness of the cave, and he gets to witness the world outside the shackles of the dark cave while others remain far behind him. Hence, sending a strong message to the audience that if one wants to succeed, you have to overcome your fears.

The brilliantly conceptualized video of Parwana Hun has been garnering amazing feedback from the audience since it has been out despite the song being the one they had already heard in the past.

The band shared the captivating music video with the message that, “We all feel safe living in oblivion, however there is always a fear of the unknown that is lingering in the shadows. Parwana Hun is about finding the strength to face the truth in the hope to find inner peace.’’

With a very strong narrative and on-point music composition, Parwana Hun is indeed a remarkable original by Kashmir. The song is going strong on social media since its release and people are loving the serious and thought-provoking narrative hidden behind its core, and admiring the quality of their work.


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