Jovago brings an exclusive article on Winter Sports in Pakistan

Winter is one of the four seasons that nature has bestowed the planet Earth with. Amongst all the seasons, it is not only the coldest season but it also the season that has the shortest days and longest nights of the year. Despite the frost and the considerable drop in temperatures, the winter season still manages to embrace people with joy and happiness.

This tends to happen, when people all over the world indulge in any sports to not only keep them warm but also to get entertained. Just like the other countries, people in Pakistan involve themselves in sports, despite the cold that is brought about by the winter season.

With the winter season just being started,  people are already making plans for their vacations. Jovago Pakistan brings you an exclusive article on the winter sports that you can indulge in while exploring Pakistan.

  • Skiing

When the snow covers the mountains in its white, cold blanket the brave ones head out to take advantage of the snow by skiing, despite the freezing temperatures. What can be more exhilarating than gliding over the snow-covered peaks? Pick up your skiing equipment and head out to skiing destinations including Malam Jabba, Astore, and Naltar Valley to have a great time gliding down the mountains.

  • Ice Skating

Ice skating is one sport that gives you the feeling of being in charge and to just let yourself lose, that too on the ice. The best part is that you don’t have to keep your skating gear away just because it is winter. Rather put it on and set on a thrilling adventure. You can go ice skating at Malam Jabba and Karachi.

  • Ko Polo

This unique sport is a freestyle game is one of the specialties of the Baltistan area. Primarily an adult sport, it is the local version of what actually is hockey. While playing with sticks, the aim of the participants is to hit a heavy leather-made ball. The sport is pretty famous among the residents of the Shigar Valley.

  • Snowboarding

The thrill that one gets by riding over a snowboard is simply mind blowing. The feeling of gliding over a high altitude, that too with the slippery surface beneath you, is simply amazing. You can indulge in this thrilling sport at snowboarding resorts such as Muzaffarabad and Malam Jabba.

If you have information on any other winter sport that is played in Pakistan, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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