Jhoom by Ali Zafar creating waves

Jhoom by Ali Zafar creating waves

In 2011, Zafar released his third album “Jhoom”. The title track represented the idea of divine ONENESS in Zafar’s poetry.

Jhoom is the third album of Pakistani pop singer Ali Zafar, released in 2011. It contains Sufi-pop music, remastered in Abbey Road Studios. The album topped the music charts in Pakistan, as well as in India for several weeks after its release.

11 years later, the same song became a worldwide raging hit with over 200,000 fan-videos on instagram alone in just 10 days. The official video is a compilation of some of these videos, representing the same idea that we are all connected to one another like pearls in a string. Jhoom has been featured in various Instagram reels by leading Bollywood stars including Esha Gupta, Hina Khan, Genelia Deshmukh, Palak Sindhwani and Amy Aela. The song has become a worldwide raging hit with over 300,000 fan videos on Instagram alone in just two weeks.

“The only thing that separates us in our limited perception of reality. Beyond that is freedom and love expressing itself through music.” Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar has released an official video which is a compilation of some of these videos:-

Jhoom by Ali Zafar (R&B Version)

Video Credits: Ali Zafar

Jhoom by Ali Zafar (Original Version)

Video Credits: Ali Zafar

This song is one of the closest to my heart, written in a deep state of gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful life and the divine, said Ali Zafar.

Lyrics of Jhoom

“Mein ne tujhe dekha

hanstay huay gaalon mein;

be zar khayaalaon mein

husn ke hawaalon mein;

Sohni ke baalon mein

morni ki chalon mein;

matti ke pyaalon mein

peetal ke thaalon mein;

jitni tu milti jaaye

utni lagay thoree thoree,

jab bhee tu lay angrayi

aa ke mere oori,

to dil Jhoom Jhoom chale

Jhoom Jhoom chale.

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