FM 91 commemorates 15 years of its incredible journey

Pakistan’s premier radio station, FM 91, with CEO Sara Taher Khan at the helm, marked 15 phenomenal years of service to the Pakistani broadcasting industry today. Continuing with its traditions of leading innovation, FM 91 launched 91 hours of non-stop marathon transmission with special live shows, amazing giveaways and a variety of music. After engaging and entertaining wide audiences for the entirety of its run, the special transmission concluded just an hour before the initiation of an illustrious event at FM 91’s Lahore outpost in Packages Mall. The event hosted renowned celebrities, corporate executives and socialites and featured live jam sessions by Jimmy Khan, Quadrum, Faiza Mujahid, 4Paee, Noman Javed and Haroon Shahid, who all got together to celebrate 15 successful years of FM 91. Indeed, CEO Sara Taher Khan, COO Shazya Aamir and GM Ahad Ali Khan along with the team at FM 91 strive to make it a diverse-sounding, innovative radio station for listeners of all ages from across Pakistan!

The iconic radio station proudly boasts Pakistan’s most renowned and talented Radio Jockeys who have shared hours of entertainment and quality music with avid followers of the station across the country., Few of the most eminent and notable among those, some of whom were also present at the event, are Khalid Malik, who brightens up the mornings of the listeners; the ever energetic and witty Sophie Anjam; Dino, a prominent voice in Pakistan’s media industry that ends the nights of the listeners on a high-note; Fasi Zaka, the king of satire and a well reputed political commentator, as well as Award winning designer Munib Nawaz, and the well renowned health and fitness instructor Fatima Zara Mallick.  Last but not the least, the list of RJs also includes the likes of Aasim Zafar, Arif Abrar, DJ Shah Rukh, Iman Azmat, Khurram Suleman, Rizwan Qureshi, Salim Karim, Taimur Khan, Wafa Ansari and Zeeshan Shah. The fantastic journey of FM 91 has also seen the likes of some of the Pakistan’s finest including, Mekaal Hasan, Faisal Qureshi, Navin Waqar, Anoushey Ashraf, Ali Safina and Faizan Haque showcasing their talent as valued resources of the station.

Speaking about the event, the CEO of FM 91, Sara Taher Khan stated, “Exactly 15 years ago, the idea of a youth-oriented radio station was conceived by us to provide a quality platform to the youth for self-expression; connecting and uniting them beyond cultural and social boundaries. Today, we celebrate its success in becoming the top radio station in Pakistan. Personally, it is a matter of pride for me that the station has outdone itself over the years by supporting up-and-coming artists while churning out phenomenal presenters for the radio industry. FM 91 looks forward to keep contributing to the multifaceted growth and evolution of the industry while promoting a positive image of Pakistan for the world to see.”

Over the years, FM 91 has earned its place as the No.1 radio channel for the youth by catering to the people who have faith in the Pakistan radio community. The core values of creativity and innovation has allowed them to move with time by molding their content towards the largest and most enthusiastic market in Pakistan. The station’s chant of “Desi & Proud” follows the mission of making the listeners feeling invigorated throughout the day as well as demonstrating great pride about their roots, and embracing their culture with open arms.

Playing music that caters to local and global tastes alike, FM 91 has made sure that it lives up to the expectations of the broadest of the youth spectrum while taking a stand for the right, helping the youth of today become more informed and knowledgeable.


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