Jhok Sarkar Episode 22 : ASP Arsalan’s Struggle Against Deception

The HUM TV drama serial “Jhok Sarkar” has reached its 22nd episode, and the storyline is heading towards what could be its conclusion. In this episode, the talented Farhan Saeed continues to shine in his role as ASP Arsalan with a powerful performance. The entire cast’s acting remains on point, adding depth to the narrative.

Jhok Sarkar Episode 22

Video Credits: HUMTV
Video Credits: HUMTV

In the previous episode, a shocking turn of events unfolded as Peeral orchestrated the murder of Mukhtara in jail by poisoning him. In the latest episode, Peeral seizes the opportunity to manipulate the situation to his advantage by pinning the blame for Mukhtara’s murder on ASP Arsalan. As a result, ASP Arsalaan is suspended by the murder inquiry committee.

ASP Arsalan had been on leave to attend his sister’s wedding when Mukhtara was killed in Shor Kot Thana. Upon hearing the news of Mukhtara’s murder upon his return, he expresses his disappointment and rebukes Police Officer Ramazan of Shor Kot for negligence. He orders Mukhtara’s post-mortem, which points to Kalu Mashiqi as the perpetrator, though he has managed to evade capture.

Peeral seizes the moment to advance his own interests, filing an FIR against ASP Arsalan for the murder of his special man. He also mobilizes the village’s residents and instructs them to stage riots outside the police station, putting pressure on the police department. An inquiry committee is formed to investigate ASP Arsalaan’s involvement in the Mukhtara murder case.

The inquiry committee also questions Jahan Daad, who unsurprisingly aligns his answers with Peeral’s interests, undermining ASP Arsalaan’s credibility. Shor Kot Officer Ramzan undergoes investigation, as does ASP Arsalan, who provides thorough and satisfactory responses.

ASP Arsalan’s unwavering support for his demoralized police force speaks volumes about his character. He delivers a motivational speech, emphasizing that even with outdated weapons, their courage and determination should remain undiminished. Heartbreakingly, the inquiry report takes a toll on this honest police officer, resulting in his suspension. Alongside him, police officer Ramazan and SHO Asghar are also suspended for their perceived negligence.

Peeral and Meeral’s plot seems to have succeeded as ASP Arsalan is unfairly punished for challenging the aristocracy of Jhok Siyaal. The question now is whether ASP Arsalan can prove his innocence and integrity in front of his superiors, reclaiming his honor and the reputation of his police force. The upcoming episodes of “Jhok Sarkar” promise to be filled with suspense and intrigue as the story unfolds.

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