Jhok Sarkar Episode 21: Twists and Tensions Unfold

As the Hum TV drama serial, “Jhok Sarkar,” reaches its 21st episode, the story continues to captivate its audience with compelling performances and intricate plot developments. Farhan Saeed’s portrayal of ASP Arsalaan shines with duty and integrity, while Asif Raza Mir and Usman Javed’s characters, Peeral and Meeral, along with Malik Raza as Jahandaad, deliver outstanding performances. In the previous episode, ASP Arsalan survived an assassination attempt, and in this latest installment, the plot thickens as Peeral orchestrates a shocking incident behind bars.

Watch Jhok Sarkar Episode 21 complete episode here:-

Jhok Sarkar Episode 21

Video Credits: HUMTV
Video Credits: HUMTV

The Unyielding ASP Arsalan: After surviving the assassination attempt, ASP Arsalan faces a pivotal decision. His superior officer offers him a transfer, but the dutiful ASP remains resolute in his commitment to complete his mission in Jhok Siyal. He convinces his superior to allow him to stay. As the story unfolds, ASP Arsalan finds moments of solace and joy, particularly during his sister’s nikkah ceremony.

Peeral and Meeral’s Schemes: Meanwhile, Peeral and Meeral are busy plotting their next moves. Their focus is on eliminating Mukhtar and teaching ASP Arsalan a lesson. To carry out their sinister plan, Peeral engages a secret associate known as Mashiqi, who works within the confines of Shor Kot jail. His mission: to poison Mukhtar’s water pitcher in his cell. Tragically, Mukhtar drinks the poisoned water, leading to his sudden demise.

Peeral’s Defiance and Meeral’s Intentions: Peeral, despite facing criticism from the Jirga of his Biradari for marrying a lower-caste girl, remains steadfast in his decisions regarding personal matters. He issues a stern warning to his wives, cautioning them against causing any harm to Noori. On the other hand, Meeral’s sinister intentions toward Sassi become increasingly apparent.

ASP Arsalan’s Investigation: ASP Arsalan, upon arriving in Jhok Siyaal, is disheartened by the news of Mukhtar’s murder within the jail premises. He immediately orders a post-mortem examination of Mukhtar’s body. During his inquiry, he discovers that Mukhtar was willing to record a statement, which he did unofficially. Suspicion falls on Mashiqi, who entered the jail, but upon investigation, it is revealed that Mashiqi has mysteriously disappeared, leaving his house locked and raising questions about his involvement in this shocking turn of events.

The 21st episode of “Jhok Sarkar” brings with it a web of tension, mystery, and intrigue, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next twists and revelations in this gripping drama series.

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