Jhok Sarkar Episode 20: ASP Arsalan’s Clever Escape and Meeral’s Next Move

Jhok Sarkar, the gripping HUM TV drama series directed by Saife Hassan and penned by Hashim Nadeem, continues to captivate its audience as it hits the milestone of 20 episodes. This episode takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride with stellar performances, most notably Farhan Saeed’s power-packed act, which adds depth and intrigue to the story.

Watch complete Episode 20 of Jhok Sarkar here:-

Jhok Sarkar Episode 20

Video Credits: HUMTV
Video Credits: HUMTV

In this Episode of Jhok Sarkar

In the previous episode, tensions ran high as viewers were left wondering whether ASP Arsalan would survive a murder attempt orchestrated by the sinister Meeral. Episode 20 reveals that ASP Arsalan masterfully foils the assassination attempt.

As seen in the previous installment, ASP Arsalan becomes the target of a brutal attack by Meeral’s henchmen, leading to the unfortunate demise of a sepoy, which raises Arsalan’s suspicions. Arsalan, quick on his feet, springs into action, engaging in a thrilling fight sequence, impeccably directed by Saife Hassan. Fortunately, Arsalan’s loyal police squad intervenes just in time, rescuing him from the clutches of the assailants.

Meeral and Peeral are left frustrated by their failed attempt on ASP Arsalan’s life. They begrudgingly acknowledge his sharp wits and alertness. Meeral, consumed by anger, yearns to bring an end to the ongoing cat-and-mouse game and teach Arsalan a lesson. Dhani Baksh advises Meeral to seize this opportunity to resolve the Mukhtar case in the absence of ASP Arsalan, which piques Meeral’s interest.

Meeral discovers that Mukhtar has been relocated to Shor Kot Police Station. The criminal duo realizes that ASP Arsalan is even more resourceful than they initially thought. Meeral’s fury intensifies, but Peeral advises him to remain composed, reminding him that Shor Kot is their territory, just like Jhok Siyal. The suspense builds as viewers are left to speculate on Meeral and Peeral’s next moves. Meanwhile, Sassi, fearing for Arsalan’s safety, is in a state of distress, adding to the mounting tension in the narrative.

Notably, there is no appearance of Noori in this episode, leaving viewers curious about her whereabouts and role in the unfolding story.

As the episode progresses, ASP Arsalan visits his family and receives an unexpected invitation from his superior. The actions of Arsalan’s former flame’s husband raise suspicions. His keen interest in Arsalan and insistence on inviting him to a private party appears dubious. While he initially seems decent, a subtle undercurrent of negativity emerges, suggesting that he may be aware of the past relationship between Arsalan and his wife.

ASP Arsalan handles the situation with grace, politely informing the man that he has moved on and wishing them happiness as a couple. The significance of this interaction remains uncertain, leaving viewers to ponder its implications. Episode 20 might be seen as a transitional episode, serving as a bridge between the high-stakes action sequences and the impending revelations in the series.

As Jhok Sarkar continues to build tension and intrigue, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next twists and turns in this enthralling drama series. With an ensemble of talented actors and a suspenseful storyline, this drama promises to deliver more thrilling moments in the episodes to come.

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