How To Stay Motivated At Work

Jovago has come up with a list of things to do which can help you stay motivated at work:

1. Exercise before you work!
Exercising before you work activates your neurons and is the perfect alarm. Wake up half an hour early, and perform a short work out routine. Whether its yoga, lifting or cardio, push yourself and get your body moving!

2. Create a to-do list for the day
Create your list upon arrival and continue adding tasks that can be both related to work and unrelated. Physically writing your goals helps increase the responsibility felt to complete them on time!

3. Plan to have frequent meeting with your mentor
Having a mentor who supervises you and updates you on your progress and areas that can be improved is truly empowering. It helps to establish a relationship with them, and helps you understand your workplace and what is expected of you!

4. Take 10 minutes off, for every 50 minutes you work
The key to maximizing your hours at work is to take as many breaks as possible! Short breaks can be set aside for a walk, a powernap, and a time to write or eat. These breaks can be viewed as rewards for completing your work on time!

5. Build a relationship with a reliable colleague
Getting to know your colleagues is essential. Grab lunch or go for coffee with them after work! This will help you stay motivated during your working hours, as surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is a great form of inspiration.

6. Set goals, and celebrate your milestones!
Setting short-term and long-term goals about your career path and future aims helps you to map out your personal road to success. Once achieved, celebrate your winnings and accept any moments of failure as points of learning along the way.

7. Sleep well
After a long day, re-energizing yourself is essential. Sleep early, or take a nap after work. Help to maintain a balance so you do not over work yourself.

Finally, do not forget to utilize your leaves and plan a trip to Murree to ease your hectic routine and continue working with full vigor.

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