Fun Facts That You Have Never Heard About Black Friday

The world is once again set to experience the ultimate shopping frenzy this year as Black Friday is just around the corner. The ultimate shopping extravaganza of 2016 will fall on 25th November. Various retail and online stores all over the globe are set to offer crazy discounts to customers to help them save money on their shopping.

As shoppers prepare themselves to get hold of the insanely affordable deals of the year, Jovago Pakistan brings you an exclusive article on the fun facts about Black Friday that you probably have never heard of.

  • Black Friday was preceded by “Santa Claus parades”

Black Friday falls on the next day of Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In 1905, when Santa Claus first appeared at the end of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, it marked the official beginning of the holiday and the shopping season. Thereby, the Black Friday started as a result of these Santa Claus Parades.

  • Black Friday referred to the stock market crashes in the 1800s

Although nowadays the colour Black is used to refer to something exclusive (just like the Black Friday), in earlier times it was used to denote various calamities. For instance in 1869, the government stepped into the stock market to correct distortion in the gold prices. It resulted in the drastic decrease in prices which made many investors to lose large amounts of money.

  • Big Friday?

The term Black Friday was first coined by the police officers who were frustrated with the congestion caused by Shoppers. Retailers considered this as a move to hurt their brands, therefore, they started calling this day as Big Friday. However, the name did not stick around as people preferred to call the day as Black Friday.

  • Black Friday is considered to be plumbers’ busiest day of the year

As Black Friday finds its origins in the USA where people stood outside retail stores to bag all the best items, plumbers were needed to clean up the mess that these shopaholics left behind.

If you know about any other fun fact regarding the Black Friday, then do share it with us in the comments section below.



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