Here are all the reasons why the Socially Progressive drama ‘Darr Khuda Se’ has us Hooked

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s iconic duo has been producing amazing dramas under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. Their fantastic story Khaani gained immense popularity among the masses because of its storyline, and with Darr Khuda Se, they’ve hit another milestone. It stars Sana Javed as Afreen, a confident girl, working hard to support her family. Her family includes her parents, a brother, and an elder sister, who is a divorcee. Afreen’s home environment is stressful, which is further worsened when she faces trouble in the workplace as well.

On the other hand, Imran Abbas portraying Shahvaiz is the antagonist. He is Afreen’s boss but is very flirtatious and a womanizer. The storyline of this drama serial stunned its audience as it seems relatable to many people, and the impactful acting skills by the cast members brought the characters to life.

We’ve decided to jot down reasons why this remarkable drama is also socially progressive, and if you haven’t already, you seriously need to catch up on it!

Reasons why the Socially Progressive drama ‘Darr Khuda Se’ has us Hooked

1.The drama helps raise awareness against workplace harassment

Most women face discrimination, unwanted proposals, starring, and slanders daily at their workplaces. This drama highlighted a social problem that has been at its peak in our society. It is one of the main hurdles in the way of any career-orientated woman. Even the title of this marvelous drama ‘Darr Khuda Se’ speaks volumes. It has also managed to support the Me Too movement and raised the bar high for dramas.

2.Resist, and don’t fear!

Another great thing that this drama promoted is that women should not stay silent because of the fear of defamation. One should always stand against sexual predators and fight for what is wrong. This drama also shows that Afreen is defensive against his predator boss, and it is something everyone should remember. The moment you start feeling scared is the moment you get weak. Though, at the same time, it doesn’t undermine what women go through when they are put in these situations. They have a lot to fear, and whatever steps they take, one must support them in these situations.

3.The aftermath of the resistance

Another point that was raised in this drama is the consequences that one faces because of workplace harassment. It affects work growth, mental stress, fear, and whatnot. In the drama serial, Afreen slaps her boss for blackmailing her and makes it clear that she is not going to be afraid of him. Filled with rage, Shahvaiz decides to take revenge, he morphs her pictures and shows Afreen’s parents. It is an accurate depiction of what happens.

This shows how easy it is to tarnish somebody’s respect and reputation and how important it is to raise our voices against these issues. Darr Khuda Se paints an accurate picture of workplace harassment and everything that can go wrong in someone’s life because of it. It has been a fantastic drama to watch, and we can’t help but appreciate the makers for this step.

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