SADQAY: A Musical Tale of Love, Revenge, and the Friendzone by Aashir Wajahat, NAYEL & Nehaal Naseem

Aashir Wajahat’s ‘Sadqay’ Soars to #1 on Spotify Pakistan’s Weekly Charts

In a testament to the dynamic pulse of emerging artists, Spotify proudly announces Aashir Wajahat, the versatile singer, composer, and Fresh Finds Pakistan artist for February, as the new chart-topper with his latest masterpiece ‘Sadqay.’ Released on February 1, 2024, the track has not only captured the hearts of local listeners but has also achieved the remarkable feat of securing the coveted #1 position on Spotify Pakistan’s Weekly Charts.

Since its debut, ‘Sadqay’ has become a consistent performer, garnering widespread acclaim from global audiences. The track’s meteoric rise to the summit of Spotify Pakistan’s Weekly Charts is a testament to its infectious melodies and Aashir Wajahat’s captivating vocals.

Featured on several editorial playlists, including Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pakistan, Pakka Hit Hai, Latest Love Tunes, Desi Hits, and more than 12 other curated lists, ‘Sadqay’ has experienced an astonishing growth of over 4000% in Aashir’s listenership. The song’s inclusion in these playlists has not only propelled its popularity but has also paved the way for a broader audience to discover Aashir’s musical magic.

To extend the reach of ‘Sadqay,’ Spotify is thrilled to add the track to its Desi Pop playlist, providing an even larger audience with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring melodies of Aashir Wajahat.

Expressing his gratitude, Aashir remarked, “Thank you for the immense love you all have given to Sadqay. We shared a piece of our heart with everyone and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Keep spreading love!”

The global streaming numbers for ‘Sadqay’ narrate a remarkable success story, with daily streams skyrocketing from 18,500 to nearly 400,000 in the past week alone. Surpassing 4.4 million streams, the track’s popularity continues to surge, transcending borders and resonating with a diverse audience.

Aashir Wajahat’s outstanding performance extends beyond local acclaim. ‘Sadqay’ has not only dominated the Spotify Pakistan charts but has also made waves globally, making its mark on over 100,000 playlists and reaching over 1 million listeners worldwide. The track secured the #1 spot on the Global Viral Charts, #1 on the Viral India Charts, #2 on Viral UAE Charts, and secured a place in the Top 50 on India Daily Charts, affirming its universal appeal.

As ‘Sadqay’ continues to make waves, Aashir Wajahat emerges as a rising star, captivating hearts and playlists across the globe.

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