Hania Aamir and Haider Mustehsan's latest clicks set the internet on fire

Hania Aamir’s starrer much hyped music video ”Dhanak By Haider Mustehsan” now out

Step into the enchanting world of Hania Aamir and Haider Mustehsan as they grace the screens in the much-anticipated music video, “Dhanak By Haider Mustehsan.” This recent collaboration between the talented actress and singer has taken the digital sphere by storm.

Watch Dhanak By Haider Mustehsan featuring Hania Aamir:-

Dhanak By Haider Mustehsan Featuring Hania Aamir

Video Credits: Haider Mustehsan

Haider Mustehsan, known as HYDR, takes on the roles of writer, composer, and performer for the song, creating a musical masterpiece that perfectly complements the on-screen chemistry with Hania Aamir. The song “Dhanak” was officially released last night, leaving fans captivated by the teasers that had already sparked immense excitement for this upcoming musical sensation.

Directed by Shahrukh Kazim, with Ahsan Raza handling cinematography, the music video is a visual delight, saturated with sunlit scenes capturing the tender romance between Hania and Haider. Viewers are treated to shots of the duo casually hanging out, interspersed with candid, slow-motion glimpses of Hania, charmingly smiling into the camera.

Prior to the release, Hania Aamir had shared behind-the-scenes pictures from the video, sparking speculation about a potential love interest. However, as the music video unfolded, it became clear that the visuals were part of the captivating narrative of “Dhanak.” Now that the song is unveiled, audiences can witness the true chemistry between Hania and Haider, unraveling the misunderstood speculations and revealing a captivating musical journey.

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