Karachi's Erica Robin crowned Miss Universe Pakistan 2023

Karachi’s Erica Robin crowned Miss Universe Pakistan 2023

Erica Robin, the stunning beauty from Karachi, has achieved the prestigious title of “Miss Universe Pakistan 2023.” She has made history as the first-ever Pakistani woman to capture this crown. Erica will proudly represent Pakistan on the international stage at the forthcoming Miss Universe pageant, set to take place in El Salvador.

As per the event organizers, Robin secured the title of Miss Universe Pakistan by surpassing four other finalists, carefully chosen from a pool of more than 200 contestants hailing from various parts of the globe.

Nonetheless, as per the Pakistan government, the Miss Universe pageant, responsible for selecting a candidate for the Miss Universe Pakistan competition, lacks official endorsement and does not hold the status of a state-appointed representative.

Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, stated on Wednesday that the government had not designated any individual as the official representative of Pakistan for the “Miss Universe” beauty pageant.

Our Verdict

This significant moment will mark Pakistan’s inaugural entry into the prestigious international beauty competition, with the nation presenting a remarkable lineup of five models competing for the coveted title. This momentous occasion propels Pakistan into the global spotlight of the world’s foremost beauty pageant, marking a historic milestone.

About Erica Robin

Erica Robin, born on September 14, 1999, into a Christian family in Karachi, embarked on her professional modeling journey in January 2020.

Upon news of her being crowned Miss Universe Pakistan, an outpouring of best wishes began, providing inspiration to countless individuals like her in Pakistan.

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