Electric three wheeler Unveiled in India

Japanese electric vehicle startup company Terra Motors today unveiled affordable and environment friendly gas powered scooters and trikes which will start sales in India early next year. These are developed mainly to be sold in developing Asian markets, as they would help the commuters enjoy the most affordable day to day travel. Tuk tuk style transportation vehicles are a common sight across South and Southeast Asian countries. Their compact design allows them to carry just as many passengers as a traditional taxi while navigating narrow roads and the region’s notoriously congested streets.


R6 the new three wheeler can accommodate seven people (six passengers and a driver) and travel 100 kilometers on a single charge. Charging cost of R6 amount to a mere US$328 per year. A similar gas-powered three wheeler, on the other hand, burns through US$4,307 of petrol annually. These estimates are based on the cost of electricity and gasoline in India, as Terra Motors is targeting the Indian market, specifically, for the R6’s debut. R6 can reach 30km/h and safely climb 10-degree inclines. A lead acid battery provides the power, and it can reach an 80 percent charge in just one to two hours. It even has built-in rain flaps for bad weather.


According to Toru Tokushige, CEO and founder, Terra Motors, “India is one of the most important countries for our company. Currently, there are so many e-rickshaws from China without any standardization. However, we design the vehicle for safety and durability. The R6 is now being tested by a certificated agency. We aim for 10,000 units of sales for electric three-wheeler within 2015. We are now developing 2 to 3 types of electric three-wheelers including the e-rickshaw segment with a competitive price”.

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