‘Eidi envelopes’ a new trend replacing traditional mode of exchanging ‘Eid Cards’

As auspicious occasion of Eid is just approaching fast, the trend of colorful printable, handmade ‘Eidi money envelops’ are gripping families’ attention on various social media sites and replacing the traditional trend of sending ‘Eid Cards’ to their dear ones.

The trend of Eidi envelops

Every year distribution of Eidi (money) to children during religious festivals is a trend followed by families across the Islamic countries, however, this year many household women and online websites are offering attractive designs of ‘Eidi envelops’ to send Eidi with online banking.

According to the online users, this year Eid will be different from previously due to pandemic, many residents across the globe including our country are sending their Eidi advance and using online money transfer channels. A man while talking to a private news channel said the health crisis has changed the way people are celebrating Eid and using online platforms to send Eidi with attractive Eidi envelops.

A household who is earning with this business commented that social media platforms give us opportunity and we are offering variety of money transfer envelops, which is totally a new trend. Citizens can celebrate their special occasion of Eid with safe transfer of money (Eidi) to their family and friends, she added.

These Eid money envelopes are designed in various colors lilac-purple, sage-green and many more with ‘Eid Mubarak’ in Arabic and English on the centre, said another retailer on online platform.

“Meeting with family and friends may get difficult in Covid situation but technology will help to overcome this,” said a citizen, adding, “a safe way to send Eidi nowadays is using online banking and money envelops are a new trend which is attracting our family kids.”

A young girl who is offering handmade Eidi envelops said a decent money envelope is the one that carries notes which you might want to gift a near one, adding, Eid envelopes are stylish, subtle and classy accessory especially when you are handing out cash as gift.

The beautiful tradition of sending Eid cards is now greatly replaced by Eidi envelops, sending emails, using social media or SMS packages offered by cellular companies at slashed rates, said a traditional shopkeeper who was selling Eid cards but now he turned to online business to sale Eidi envelops.

No doubt gifts are a part of Islamic culture and the exchange of gifts is encouraged in Prophetic traditions, Eidi is a very specifically culture which is an expression of love and blessings from elders, it is a beautiful gesture, said a citizen.

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