Ehraam E Junoon Last Episode : A Heartwarming End

“Ehraam E Junoon,” the renowned Pakistani drama serial that graced our screens on Geo TV, has just concluded, leaving viewers both enthralled and satisfied with its heartwarming ending. The series, directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment Production, took us on a journey into the complex lives of its characters.

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Ehraam E Junoon Last Episode

The story of “Ehraam E Junoon” primarily revolves around Shanzay, a young woman born into privilege but marked by her rudeness and stubbornness. Shanzay firmly believes that wealth can buy anything, including happiness. Her character, portrayed brilliantly by Neelam Muneer, offers a striking contrast to her empowered and affluent persona.

The drama’s notable cast includes Imran Abbas as Shani, Nimra Khan as Sajeela, Mahmood Aslam as Kamran, Ismat Zaidi as Kulsoom, Maira Khan as Nadiya, Zainab Qayoom as Samiya, Saqib Sameer as Khawar, Aadi Khan as Jugnu, Birjees Farooqui as Farzana, Farah Nadeem as Shakeela, Kinza Bukhari as Shazia, and Mirza Rizwan as Faiq.

The story intricately weaves the lives of these characters, portraying the stark differences between Shanzay’s privileged world and Shani’s humble beginnings as a delivery boy. As the drama unfolds, viewers witness Shani’s transformation as he rises to wealth and status, a change that doesn’t go unnoticed by the audience.

In This Episode

In the final episode of “Ehraam E Junoon,” viewers were treated to a joyful conclusion to Shanzay and Shani’s storyline. Fans were delighted to see Shani’s realization of his love for Shanzay, marking a heartwarming moment in the drama.

While fans appreciated the happy ending for Shani and Shanzay, some expressed a desire for a few more episodes to witness the couple’s chemistry as a happily married pair. The character of Sajeela, portrayed as a greedy and mean individual throughout the series, garnered strong disapproval from viewers.

Shani, too, faced mixed opinions from the audience, with some viewers expressing disappointment in his character transformation after acquiring wealth. A social media user aptly noted, “Shaani was better when he was a poor delivery boy; after getting wealth, he changed.”

The satisfaction of witnessing Sajeela’s comeuppance was shared by many, and fans lauded Shanzay’s lovable character in the drama. Neelam Muneer’s exceptional acting in the final episode earned praise, with one viewer remarking, “the author has beautifully portrayed two opposites where Sajeela in the drama was shown as a taker and Shanzay was shown as a giver.”

In summary, “Ehraam E Junoon” managed to captivate its audience with its compelling narrative and character development. While there were mixed emotions about certain characters’ actions and choices, the drama left viewers contented with its conclusion, marking the end of a memorable journey through the world of love, transformation, and societal dynamics.

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