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Contract Base Smartphones Policy to be rolled out in Pakistan

In a significant move towards technological advancement, the Caretaker government, led by IT and Telecommunication Minister Dr. Umar Saif, is set to roll out the ‘Contract Base Smartphones Policy’ starting January 15, 2024. This policy aims to provide the latest smartphone models to individuals traveling abroad through convenient installment plans, fostering economic growth.

Minister Umar Saif, in an exclusive interview with a private news channel, emphasized the government’s commitment to encouraging responsible financial behavior while ensuring the continuous expansion of smartphone accessibility. To safeguard investors from defaults, the minister proposed measures such as blocking mobile phones and, potentially, national identity cards of defaulters.

Under this groundbreaking policy, telecom companies will directly offer smartphones to customers through installment plans, extending the benefits of mobile broadband, particularly to the low-income segments of the population. Minister Saif stated that this initiative will play a vital role in enhancing connectivity and technological inclusion.

Addressing concerns about job opportunities for fresh graduates, Minister Saif announced the introduction of ‘Standardized Quality Measurement Tests’ across universities in Pakistan from January 7 to 10. Collaborating with various stakeholders, including the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the National Computing Accreditation Council, the Examination Testing Council, the Pakistan Software Export Board, and the Pakistan Software Houses Association, the ministry aims to revamp IT education.

Explaining the program further, Minister Saif outlined that students scoring between 20,000 to 25,000 nationwide will be eligible for job opportunities through the Industry Placement Program. The government plans to allocate funds to support specialized industry courses in universities, aligning educational institutions with industry requirements to enhance the country’s skilled workforce.

Minister Saif emphasized the importance of introducing quality courses in entrepreneurship and exports, urging universities to take rapid action to boost the economy. Responding to queries, he highlighted the government’s commitment to exponential growth in the IT sector, viewing it as crucial for bringing about a productivity revolution in the nation’s economy through Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

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