How Pakistan changed my life? Rosie Gabrielle

Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle, who recently accepted Islam and tied knot to Pakistani travel vlogger Adeel Amer, said that she felt safe in Pakistan and explained how Pakistan changed her life:-

I didn’t know if it was possible, the logistics behind it, or knew anything about the country.

But my heart was calling me.

I knew Pakistan had a negative perception in the media, but as a seasoned traveler, I also knew- NOT to believe everything you hear.

Because who wants to hear “good news”? It doesn’t sell. 😒

Not one western news channel shared my incredible story of my experience across Pakistan, yet they don’t hesitate to share false propaganda, because fear & drama is what makes headlines. It’s what gives people power & control.

I decided to prove everyone wrong,not only for the sake of 🇵🇰 & the people, but for all of humanity. To show them the HUMAN side of the reality. The kindness, generosity, hospitality & LOVE that I received from each & every person.

I was determined (despite my ill health) to reach all corners of the country, documenting in raw detail my experience as a “vulnerable” solo female.

Never in my wildest dreams had I anticipated what would come.

After 11,000 km, not only did I experience unbelievable kindness from every stranger I met, felt completely safe, experienced the riches & diversity of incredible cultures, & witnessed some of the most stunning landscapes that left me speechless.

BUT what I discovered was far more profound then all of this.

I found MY SELF.

I was reflected Gods beauty in every single experience. The 99 names of His Mercy shone bright, illuminating my path home.

Every person I met, every experience I had, was a part of the treasure map guiding me to the gold.

And in that treasure box, I found PEACE, LOVE, I found my HOME.

Not only did I fall in love with a country, but I found my LOVE in this country, & chose to call it my actual home. Currently nestled deep in the mountains of Northern Pakistan with my loving husband Adeel On Wheels & two dogs.

I wish this is the story the west would share, I wish the world could open their hearts and see. That media & news will ONLY serve you negativity, they will never show you the light of Divinity.

Re-sharing this video for those who still question what is it really like in Pakistan…. a reminder to look beyond what the media try’s to sell you.

How Pakistan changed the life of Rosie Gabrielle?

Video Credits: Rosie Gabrielle
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