Spotify Reunites with Coke Studio to Continue Elevating Local Artists Globally

Two of Pakistan’s most influential music powerhouses, Spotify and Coke Studio Pakistan, have once again joined forces for the second consecutive season to celebrate local music, talent, and culture. On April 14, Coke Studio Pakistan commenced Season 15 with another star-studded lineup, producing sensational tracks that captivated audiences nationwide. Spotify is poised to enhance this musical journey by offering fans an immersive audio experience with new releases and specially curated playlists available on the Coke Studio in-app destination, a signature highlight of this partnership on Spotify.

“Spotify is thrilled to continue our partnership as the official music streaming partner of Coke Studio Pakistan for Season 15,” said Khan FM, Spotify’s Artist and Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. “Building on our past success, we’ve created a unique ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ destination that offers our more than 600 million active music fans a diverse collection of popular songs from all seasons, including the latest, taking the Sound of the Nation to the entire World. We’re committed to bringing the rich tapestry of Pakistani music to our global audience, reaffirming Spotify’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive music experience.”

As the official audio streaming partner of Coke Studio Season 14, Spotify set new benchmarks for the Pakistani music industry and achieved remarkable results in the process. In 2022, the fruitful partnership generated an impressive 430 million streams across all 13 tracks of Season 14. This feat easily eclipsed the combined 15 million streams for Seasons 12 and 13, demonstrating the powerful synergy of this collaboration.

The significance of Spotify’s role in this partnership shines brightly with the resounding success of “Pasoori,” which has garnered over 330 million streams to date and counting. This chart-topping track has not only emerged as the #1 Pakistani track on Spotify but has also found its way into more than 3 million user playlists across the globe, solidifying its global appeal. The top five most streamed countries for “Pasoori” are India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Canada.

“We’re excited to continue our successful partnership with Spotify for Coke Studio Season 15. This collaboration transcends borders, engaging the universal language of music to connect Pakistani artists and stories with a global audience on Spotify. Together, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for Pakistani culture and its vibrant music scene,” said Zeeshan Sikander, Senior Coke Studio and EPICS Manager Eurasia and Middle East.

The partnership between Spotify and Coke Studio Pakistan not only elevates local artists but also showcases the diversity and richness of Pakistani music to the world. As Season 15 unfolds, fans can expect more groundbreaking collaborations and unforgettable melodies that celebrate the spirit of Pakistani music. With Spotify’s global reach and Coke Studio’s iconic status, the stage is set for Pakistani music to resonate with audiences worldwide, forging connections and spreading cultural harmony through the power of music.

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