Bullet Proof fashion store opens in Netherlands

A new Fashion store, a unique and one of its kind has opened up in Netherlands which sells Bullet Proof clothing. The store owned by Panamera Group, sells products ranging from  suits and ties, which is intended for people who work in high risk locations such as jewellery stores, vests, jackets, undershirts and shirts. Their target market are people who do not feel safe in their jobs or are engaged in high risk jobs.  However, the clothing is not meant for criminals.

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As per the owner of store ”demand for armoured clothing has increased since the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. People come from all of Europe. And in the last two weeks, we have had lot of orders from Belgium and France, after the attacks there, We are selling a couple hundred items every week.”

The price range for example, offering resistance to a Kalashnikov, costs 2,400 euros, which is at the low end of Panamera’s pricing. A jacket could cost between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on whether its outer shell is made of leather or a less expensive material.



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