Shoaib Malik & Ayesha Omar Photoshoot

Ayesha Omar candidly addresses the past rumors linking her to former skipper Shoaib Malik

In the midst of cricketer Shoaib Malik’s recent wedding to actor Sana Javed, Ayesha Omar candidly addresses the past rumors linking her to the former national team skipper. In a recent podcast conversation with actors Iffat Umar and Mehar Bano, Ayesha Omar opened up about the social media controversies and ‘mental pressure’ she has faced.

While acknowledging that she’s not entirely unaffected by the online controversies, Ayesha Omar revealed that she now faces the social media landscape with a comparatively stronger mindset. Despite the rumors circulating about her personal life, including being falsely linked to Shoaib Malik, Omar expressed that she is now “less afraid” and no longer experiences panic attacks as she did before.

Speaking about the persistent rumors, Omar shared, “The rumours that have been there [about me], netizens even have got me married to Shoaib Malik. I still meet people who I know, family members and distant relatives, and they think it’s true.”

Emphasizing her values, Ayesha Omar concluded, “People who know me are well aware of my choices, and also my principles and values.” In a previous clarification following a viral photoshoot with Malik, Omar stated, “Everybody knows me in the industry, I would never be attracted to a married or a committed man, ever.”

Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik, previously married to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, tied the knot for the third time with A-list actor Sana Javed over the weekend. The internet had been buzzing with speculation and excitement after a sizzling photoshoot featuring Malik and Ayesha Omar went viral, showcasing their impeccable sense of style and chemistry.

As the wedding festivities unfold, Ayesha Omar remains candid and resilient in the face of past controversies, reinforcing her commitment to personal values and integrity.

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