7 Misconceptions about the Internet

Life in today’s world is incomplete without internet access. Don’t we all agree with it, definitely! Although we can’t function without wireless internet but how many of us know the basics about it, if not technicalities. Jovago.com has identifies some major misconceptions about the internet. Let’s look at and try to clear them out.

1. The former vice president Al Gore invented the Internet. Although he did play a fundamental role in its creation, he never meant to take sole credit for the creation of the Internet. Unfortunately, during an interview his words were wrongly phrased.

2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is tracking your Internet use. An ISP is your local link to the worldwide computer network. However, for an ISP to save the web histories of every user would be too expensive and a huge invasion of privacy.

3. The Internet is filled with sexual predators and wary parents want to inhibit their child from using it. The Internet has provided another medium for pedophiles to find children, but instead of banning children from social media, they should be taught to maintain healthy relationships.

4. Everything you read on the Internet is true. This is completely false. The Internet houses several social media and news publication sites, and the distinction between Fox News and the New York Times proves that every side has a different argument and some facts may not be true.

5. The Internet will make you rich! This is almost always a spam. Have any of you received a message along the lines of ‘If you do not share this within the next 24 hours Bill Gates won’t give you $1000 dollars?’ Those who have shared it now that, the outcome is not true.

6. Web cookies are dangerous and should be avoided! Cookies are plain text files which a website can store on your computer with information to manage your browsing. They cannot access or modify files or settings on your computer. Generally they are quite helpful keeping you logged in to your favorite websites saving you from having to enter your login data every time you visit.

7. The web is the Internet. The Internet came into existence on January 1st 1983 and the web was invented in 1989. The World Wide Web is made up of servers and clients (Google Chrome and Safari) that display the page. The Internet is the set of technologies beneath the web that enable the web to exist. If the Internet didn’t exist, the web would not be able to function; if the web didn’t exist, the Internet still would.

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